100$ TGI Fridays Gift card at 25% off



TGI Fridays Gift Card 100$ value in 25% off price. (Discount may vary due to demand and stock availability)

These gift cards can be used only in United States in TGI Fridays restaurants for delicious food.

You must use this card within 7 days of purchase.
This is e-gift card not the physical card.
Once you receive the codes just download the “stocard” app, add it and it will generate a barcode for you. Once you go to the store you just show your phone to the cashier, she/he will scan the barcode and you are done
You will get gift card details on your registered email.
You can check TGI Fridays gift card balance online from this link : https://tgifridays.wgiftcard.com/rbc/tgifridays
All sales are final and can’t be return for refund. So be sure you purchase this when you want to use it.

If you have any question please feel free to contact our live support or contact by email.

(We also purchase the gift cards so if you have extra gift cards which you want to sell to us please contact our team)

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